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Ibeos, formerly Cubic Aerospace, offers full-service avionics development from subsystem architecture definition to detailed electrical, mechanical, and thermal design and analysis. Our designs maximize efficiency while minimizing cost and manufacturing time/resources. Ibeos has delivered space-qualified, radiation-hardened, high-reliability electrical designs for GEO environment applications and lower-reliability designs for technology demonstration and R&D applications.

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Ibeos also specializes in the mechanical design of avionics enclosures, heatsinks, and circuit card assemblies. Our background ranges from traditional, high-reliability space avionics enclosures to aggressive CubeSat designs and deployable mechanisms. We are able to design to exceptionally tight tolerances and demanding mission constraints.

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We offer technical evaluations of concepts and designs, custom mission analysis and planning tools, and business case evaluations. We have the experience and tools to ensure the thermal, mechanical, and electrical reliability of spaceflight hardware. Ibeos has developed in-house tools for physics-based modeling of spacecraft orbit and attitude dynamics which are used to simulate mission operations and assess power system, communication, and payload performance.

At Ibeos, we focus on delivering affordable solutions that create value for our customers.

Our Customers

Ibeos serves both the public and private sectors and enables quick turnaround, affordable solutions to electrical and mechanical engineering problems. The Ibeos team has decades of combined experience designing, building, and operating spacecraft for commercial operators, the NSF, NASA, and DoD agencies. We also work regularly with industry-leading government contractors, and are known for our flexibility and efficiency in providing quality engineering capabilities and solutions.

Working with Ibeos

Our design and analysis services are offered under either fixed price, T&M, or cost-plus contracts. Ibeos has the resources to take projects from the conceptual phase all the way to prototyping. We always welcome new opportunities to provide our engineering services or to collaborate in the development of innovative products.

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