Ibeos, formerly Cubic Aerospace, was founded in 2013 with the goal of developing high-reliability spacecraft electronics with drastically reduced costs and schedules. Our company is built and operated to maximize efficiency for developing new products and technologies. Ibeos is a woman-owned small business.

Past and Current Projects

Ibeos' projects span a broad range of space missions and electronics products. Past and current projects include:

  • Multiple-output low-voltage payload power supply
  • Power transient mitigation electronics for missile interceptors
  • An 8-channel RF cavity filter mechanical design
  • Parallel input/output power converters
  • Orbit and energy balance analysis software for satellite mission operations and planning
  • Command and data handling remote interface unit
  • Ultra-high density smallsat single board computer
cubesat concept electrical circuit card design

Our Customers

Ibeos' customers include major electronics suppliers for defense and aerospace applications, prime contractors, government agencies, satellite manufacturers, and private equity.