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Ibeos begins software integration of EDGE-1100

Updated: Oct 31, 2023

Ibeos has initiated the software integration phase for its latest radiation-tolerant payload processor, the EDGE-1100. This cutting-edge processor is built on the foundation of AMD Ryzen technology, delivering impressive processing power exceeding 1.1 TFLOPS (or 2 TFLOPS in single precision). The AMD Ryzen System-on-Chip introduces a versatile processing capacity, featuring a quad-core, 8-threaded x86 CPU alongside 512 GPU cores with advanced single-event upset mitigation features built-in.

The EDGE-1100 empowers a wide range of missions, spanning from payload processing to AI-driven Human-Machine Interface (HMI) displays for astronauts. At the heart of the EDGE-1100 lies the Ryzen architecture, which offers developers the flexibility to execute both conventional CPU-based tasks and accelerated AI workloads using AMD's ROCm. This compatibility extends to popular machine learning frameworks such as PyTorch, TensorFlow, and Caffe2, making it seamless to transfer algorithms developed on standard hardware to the EDGE-1100 without the need for extensive refactoring.

The EDGE-1100, available in a radiation-tolerant 3U SpaceVPX form factor, harnesses Ibeos' extensive expertise in radiation-hardened and radiation-tolerant space hardware. Its design is tailored to meet the demands of missions with heightened part-plans requirements, including those at EEE Level 2 or Level 2-like specifications. "We are excited about the capabilities that the EDGE-1100 enables for our commercial, civil, and defense customers," expressed John Bevilacqua, CEO of Ibeos.

Ibeos is delivering EDGE-1100 engineering design units in early November, with flight units in Q1 of 2024. Ibeos is currently accepting orders for both EDUs and Flight. For more information, reach out to


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