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Unveiling Our New Lab

Updated: Jan 11, 2021

Ibeos has completed its 2,000 sq-ft expansion into a new flight hardware build and test laboratory space. The new area includes equipment for manufacturing both prototype and flight electronics, batteries, and mechanical subassemblies and fixtures.

The new space includes a 200 sq-ft battery testing lab, CCA assembly and rework stations, a battery manufacturing area, areas for prototype and testing, and a brand new TVAC chamber for flight and qualification testing. The space also includes two thermal chambers for life testing, and an additional burn-in chamber for electronics.

The new area roll-out is well-timed with multiple flight and ground unit deliveries anticipated in 2021, with Ibeos’ heritage space re-outfitted for more efficient and productive design work. Ibeos’ team is looking forward to having more room to continue to work on fun and challenging projects.


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